An Objective Analysis On bHIP Global To Get All The Facts

What’s the basic background on bHIP Global that’s getting everyone excited?

bHIP Global’s business office buildings happen to be located in Dallas, Texas. They even have office buildings as well as establishments in other locations. bHIP Global is different from the proven fact that more than seven years and thirty million dollars has already been dedicated to the business structure and platform along with a powerful administration crew with employees within over thirty nations all over the world. bHIP Global’s administration crew is definitely focused on delivering a very worldwide arena for those who want to create a long-term organization all over the world. The company is independently held and driven by way of a worldwide system designed to kick off thirty nations in thirty months. bHIP Global released in 2007 in America, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The global development is going to be motivated by item supporters all over the world.

bHIP Global is known as the very first business to expose “a fresh variety of energy” to the industry. The propriety vitality mixture formulation that is an “herbal clean energy” is known as a classification originator inside the drink marketplace. bHIP Energy is a high quality drink provided to buyers in numerous countries. This specific High-impact Item has individuals experiencing the outcomes within a few minutes and enduring for a long time. company’s doctrine is when they test it, they feel it, and definitely will wish to discuss it. Their business busting item, bHIP Energy, is now being provided by the company item marketers globally. bHIP Global redirects advertising and marketing money to pay for those item marketers to enter the marketplace simply by discussing bHIP Energy with all the world. They have got the highest possible standard with regards to the ethics of the merchandise and business.

What kind of products does bHIP Global offer their client base?

Herbal Clean stands out as the most natural kind of quick vitality transport for your entire body. bHIP’s amazing mixture of natural herbs, nutritional vitamins, mineral deposits, as well as amino acids is formulated to infuse, and immediately rejuvenate, vitality in the cellular level together with absolutely no disturbance coming from synthetic caffeine intake, stimulating elements, or by-products.

The end result? The finest type of quick vitality – supplied within a few minutes – which can last for several hours.

bHIP’s energy drink formulation is made of elements supported by more than 2,000 years of scientific research. bHIP’s Clinical Formulators are happy with becoming a classification originator by providing a wholesome “herbal clean energy” for the refreshment marketplace. bHIP Energy has established a brand new dynamic for the sports activities beverage and energy beverage classes.

If you are looking for an opportune natural and organic approach to improve vitality, overall performance, energy, as well as psychological clearness – bHIP Energy can be your solution. Definitely “A Fresh Variety of Energy”

bHIP Energy Advantages:

bHIP Energy is really an natural clean energy formulation which is available inside a container of thirty individual serve packages. It is the ideal drink remedy in your own home, in the office, or even while traveling. bHIP Energy Packages occupy hardly any room. Simply put water and really enjoy it!

How can you leverage bHIP Global to make money?

Making money in this company is very feasible for new distributors. With all the different ways to make money, there should be no reason why you can’t make a lucrative income. Here are some of the ways you can make money:

1. Retail Profits
2. Preferred Customer Sales (Coming Soon!)
3. Fast Start Bonus
4. Override Binary Commissions
5. Leadership Match
6. Leadership Bonus
7. Lifestyle Bonus

Be sure to take full advantage of the fast start bonuses because this is a great way to keep you in business longer. If you do happen to work for a fast start bonus, this is a snapshot of what you can earn:

Sponsor a Global Leader $100 US
Sponsor a 1-Star Global Leader $200 US
Sponsor a 2-Star Global Leader $400 US

With all that said, it really isn’t enough if you’re going to recruit people for the long term. Sure you have a great product that you feel people want/need and you have a payout plan many would be anxious to participate in, but in order to make it big in this company you have to fully understand the marketing fundamentals.

If you’re going to be marketing on the internet, you have to have the proper training to start attracting leads to your business instead of helplessly trying to chase family and friends to no success. Before joining bHIP Global invest in your marketing knowledge so you can hit the ground running and start dominating.

Paraben Free Products – An in Depth Analysis on What Works and What Doesn’t

Most consumers are relatively unaware of the intricacies of paraben free products and how they can work wonders in their skin health. Find out what is paraben and what essential facts to look for in the best paraben free skin care.

Smart consumers are increasingly shifting to the use of paraben free products since a few years. In order to find the best products, it is essential that you understand what is paraben and how it affects your overall health.

Parabens are a group of chemical agents that are used as preservatives in cosmetics and skin care products. They are widely used by manufacturers as they are cheap and play a major role in boosting their profits by improving the shelf life of the products.

So, why are consumers shifting to paraben free products? The prime reason is that scientific studies have shown the role of parabens in causing cancerous breast tumors. They are also known to cause allergies, rashes and irritations.

So, what natural preservatives should you look for in paraben free products? You should look for skin care products that are made up of all-natural ingredients and that use grapeseed oil, natural vitamin E and active Manuka honey as preservatives.

Not only do they have amazing antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties, but they are also rich in essential nutrients and active enzymes that make the skin soft, supple and young. They also enhance the level of youth giving skin proteins collagen and elastin in skin.

Some other harmful synthetic chemical substances that you should avoid in paraben free products are dioxanes, fragrances, mineral oils and alcohols. They are also known to cause a lot of adverse health effects such as allergies, irritation, photosensitivity, hormonal disruptions and even cancer!

Visit my website to find out in greater detail what is paraben and how it affects your health. Find out more of such amazing natural ingredients that you should look out for in the best paraben free products and what harmful substances to avoid, so that you can achieve a young, beautiful and naturally glowing skin.

How To Choose Your Flooring Materials: A Comparative Analysis

On the context of home design, we see an increasing trend of people wanting to optimize the design of their house flooring vis-à-vis the durability and resistance of their floors to various harsh agents. Although there are general advantages and disadvantages when it comes to different flooring materials, each material should still be judged based on several case-to-case bases such as: location of your house, general climate of your location, appliances and other materials in your house, and even your taste and preferences. The purpose then of this article is to provide a walkthrough to the readers on the nature of different flooring materials in order to help them decide better on which flooring material to use. So let’s get started and let’s have a comparative analysis on these materials as we go along.

Go Green With Wood Flooring Material

The green movement has gone a long way through our society and they have penetrated even the corners of home decoration and style. Wood floorings made up of little natural wood and other synthetic materials; engineered together in order to save a lot of trees from being cut down has been a popular choice among environmentalists and other people alike. This is due to the natural color and look that wood flooring materials give into one’s house. The natural color of wood gives every room a warm and comfortable feel. Also, it makes the rooms look bigger. Wood materials and tiles are relatively easy to install and maintain. A simple mop can already restore the natural color of your floor.

However, wood flooring materials are often vulnerable to color aberration. Through time, their color might fade and they might get destroyed by insects. You also need to control the humidity of the room because too much moisture will make the tiles degrade slowly. Heavy appliances and objects are also not recommended as it can deform the wood tiles.

Recommendation: Wood flooring materials are good materials for tropical locations where rainfall is minimal; no snowy climate is present and other cold weather systems. This material is highly discouraged on areas that are always flooded. If you install wood tiles on your house, placing heavy objects is highly discouraged as it can deform the tiles.

Professional And Minimalist Look With Tile And Stone Materials

Tiles and stone materials on the other hand provide a minimalist and professional design in a room. These are replaceable materials and that there are wide choices of designs and colors available in the market. They can also withstand pressure that come from heavy impacts or objects and they are also resistant to water. These materials are also easy to clean and maintain.

The only problem with tile and stone materials is that they are very hard to install. Also, on cold weather or in air-conditioned rooms, they might feel cold and even cooler to the foot.

Recommendation: This is highly recommended but not limited to corporate offices. The minimalist look that it gives to a room provides a very professional aura to the whole place. It is easy to clean, hence it is highly recommended in offices where every moment is a rush hour. The cold sensation that it gives to the foot can also be eliminated in offices where obviously, everybody wears a shoes.

Choose Carpets For An Elegant Look

Carpets on the other hand are highly elegant flooring materials. They can match to every building structure, design and purpose. They are even best for CEO rooms and other elite-class mansions. They can be laid on almost any establishment and the carpet itself is a very beautiful room decoration.

The only problem with carpets is that they are extremely hard to maintain. The dust that accumulates to these materials can cause allergies and other sicknesses to everyone. They also smell bad if they are not cleaned for a very long time. Cleaning and maintenance fees are relatively more expensive compared to other flooring materials.

Recommendation: Carpets are really nice flooring materials. They can fit in all establishments. However, only put carpets in your house, room or office if you are sure that you can maintain it thoroughly and regularly. CEO offices are the best places where one can put carpets.

Affordable Plastic Flooring For Commercial Establishments

For other commercial establishments that run small scale businesses, plastic tiles are highly recommended. They are cheap, affordable, and they come in many colors and designs. They are also very easy to maintain.

The most problematic part of having plastic flooring is that they are not fashionable. They also get damaged easily. Their colors fade after a year or so and dust can accumulate in between the tiles.

Recommendation: Don’t use plastic flooring until and unless you are targeting a low-cost for your flooring. This is highly recommended for commercial establishments that sell RTW, school supplies and other small scale products. Do not install these materials, as much as possible in your house, office or room.

An Analysis Guide When Using the KPI Measure Unit

The key performance indicators are utilized by businesses so that they can check their performance and be able to make the right decisions based upon the information that they have obtained. The KPI measure unit should be understood by both the executives and the employees so that everyone will be able to extend a hand when it comes to monitoring and analyzing their business performance. The main objective in key performance indicators monitoring is to provide necessary information about the real condition or status of the company.

When analyzing the performance of your business using the KPI measure unit, you need to have a background about the required elements in deploying the KPI measurement system in the context of service level and quality management. There are different stages in utilizing the KPI measure unit. The first one is all about collecting data, which aids you in assessing the health of your processes and your systems. This is the stage wherein you will need to identify the KPIs that you will be using so that you can start the measurement process. In addition, this is also the phase where you will define how you will do the key performance indicators monitoring and what you will do with the data that you have collected.

Data collection should have a sound plan which consists of the reason/s as to why you want the data, where the data will come from, the person/s who will gather the data and the process of obtaining the information. Now, after the data collection, the next thing that you will consider is the technique of measurement that you will be utilizing. There are three main techniques that are being used today which are the measurement based on sampling, simulation and event driven measurement.

In the event driven measurement, you will record the things that have happened and then compare them with the desired statistics. From here, you will be using the data and analyze them carefully. There are three steps here which include the detection of events, the recording of nature and time events and the use of procedures to take corrective actions in outlining how the event must be managed.

Meanwhile, the sampling based measurement requires one to select a particular product sample. After that, you will be selecting the sample. This is very helpful if your company does not have sufficient tools or manpower that will collect or measure the data regarding the performance of your business. Finally, simulation is utilized in automated environments so that you can measure the availability of the KPI measure unit service. The main idea here is to be able to generate a synthetic product or service request and collect performance measures according to the tracking of that specific request.

When using the KPI measure unit, you should make things easy so that you can effectively report the data without problems. Recording and entering data should be less difficult by means of not adding more steps and production people who will perform the process of capturing the necessary data. Relevant and reliable business information can be obtained through the use of KPI measure unit.

Hypoallergenic Skincare – An In-Depth Analysis of What Works and What Doesn’t

Hypoallergenic skincare is one of the best options for sensitive skin people. The term “hypoallergenic” means that it is not likely to trigger allergic reactions. Here are some expert guidelines that can help you choose the best hypoallergenic skincare.

A lot of people are quite sensitive to synthetic chemical substances used in skincare products. These substances are not only harmful for your skin but also for your overall health. Repeated use of these products over the long term ruins even the healthiest of skin!

Parabens are very commonly used as preservatives in skincare products. They are the biggest culprits for causing allergic reactions. They affect the normal functioning of the endocrine system and are also known to cause cancer — especially breast cancer!

Dermatologists recommend use of parabens-free skincare to avoid such risk. That is one of the components of hypoallergenic skincare.

Besides parabens, some other extremely harmful chemical substances used are alcohols, dioxanes, mineral oils and fragrances. They are associated with serious problems such as depression, paralysis, kidney failure, photosensitivity and hormonal disruptions.

The best way you can safeguard yourself against such risks is by using effective parabens-free skincare products. You should look for hypoallergenic skincare products made up of natural ingredients such as Cynergy TK, Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10, Phytessence Wakame and active Manuka honey.

They are free from any side effects and work in close harmony with the skin. They boost the immunity system from within and revitalize the skin with essential nutrients such as calcium, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

They enhance the natural production of youth giving skin proteins collagen and elastin. In this way, they provide a complete freedom from wrinkles and skin aging signs. They make their skin soft, supple and radiant. They have won worldwide laurels for their amazing capabilities in anti aging and skin rejuvenation.

Visit my website to find out more of such amazing natural ingredients that you should look out for in the best hypoallergenic skincare, so that you can achieve a young, beautiful and naturally glowing skin.

Foods That Help Prevent Wrinkles – An in Depth Analysis on What Works and What Doesn’t

Eating foods that help prevent wrinkles can go a long way in preventing premature skin aging. But it is not only the foods that you eat that matters, but also what you apply on your skin. Find out interesting scientific facts that will change the way you think about anti-aging skincare!

Not many people pay attention to this scientific fact that the human skin has a unique ability of absorbing or swallowing up those ingredients that are applied through skin creams and lotions. These ingredients find their way into the deeper layers of the skin, as well as till the blood stream!

This makes the substances you apply on the skin as important as the foods you eat. You should have absolute clarity on this fact to have a deeper understanding of foods that help prevent wrinkles.

To begin with, foods that prevent wrinkles are composed of a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables which is rich in vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, calcium and antioxidants. Water also plays a key role in removing out the toxins from your system. Both these things are essential for maintaining optimum skin health and youth.

Besides that, foods that help prevent wrinkles also include skin care products that you apply on the skin. You should make sure that you use herbal and organic skin care products.

Cosmetics made up of synthetic chemicals are disastrous for skin and overall health. They contain harmful substances such as fragrances, alcohols, parabens, dioxanes and mineral oils.

These chemicals have been scientifically proven to cause numerous health problems. Parabens are preservatives that cause cancerous breast tumors! Fragrances cause hormonal disruptions, anxiety and hyperactivity and interfere in the functioning of the central nervous system. Mineral oils cause acne eruptions, allergies, rashes and irritation and cause premature skin aging.

So, you should be very alert regarding foods that help prevent wrinkles. Look for natural ingredients such as Phytessence Wakame, olive oil, grape seed oil, natural vitamin E, Cynergy TK and active Manuka honey.

These are the best natural ingredients when it comes to anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. They are used in the best anti-aging products due to the exceptional capabilities that have been scientifically proven. They are safe enough to eat and give a lot of health benefits besides making the skin young and attractive.

Look for anti-aging skin care products which contain such amazing natural ingredients. These are the best natural foods that help prevent wrinkles, and give long lasting and permanent results.

Cynergy TK – helps in enhancing the production of youth giving skin proteins collagen and elastin in the body. In this way, it gives a young, supple and vibrant skin.

Phytessence Wakame – is an extract of a special type of Japanese sea kelp. It preserves hyaluronic acid in the body which is essential for a wrinkle free and smooth complexioned skin.

Active Manuka honey – is rich in enzymes and vital nutrients. It is known for its antioxidant, antibacterial and healing properties. It gives the skin a natural glow and creamy complexion.

Natural vitamin E – is one of the best antioxidants and prevents premature skin aging.

Visit my website to find out in greater detail about natural foods that help prevent wrinkles. Find out more of such amazing natural ingredients that you should look out for in the best anti-aging skin care products, so that you can achieve a young, beautiful and naturally glowing skin.

Mindset Analysis

A Roadmap towards Positive Thought-Patterns


Life is effort-return phenomenon. People make efforts to actualize returns. There is nothing more frustrating than putting in lots of effort and getting no desired results. The secret to the wasted efforts lies dominantly in a person. A survey indicated that 75% of businesses are failed in their initial phase, first 3 to 5 years, and the major reason of business failures, about 90%, are executives. They are not genuinely prepared for the task in hand. In addition, an established business may also decline or can produce less than optimal results due to negative mindset or stagnant behavior of executives.

Human behavior is predominantly the outcome of his/her mindset. Mindset affects the actions of a person and outcomes of efforts, having a negative mindset or even a neutral mindset can distort the actions and undermine the efforts. How it works? Answer is simple, whenever a person possesses a negative mindset, he radiates negativity. Negativity means pessimism, despair, and disinterest. It compels people to avoid/dislike/misinterpret him. Moreover, when a person is negative, he tends to see only hurdles and magnify them. And when someone sees only hurdles or magnifies hurdles wrongly, he tends to feel stress. When a person is feeling lots of stress, he can’t be sensible or creative. Therefore, a negative mindset undermines rationality creativity, dynamism, and productivity. In contrast, a positive mindset allows someone to deal with inevitable challenges with rationality, creativity, dynamism, and resourcefulness.

The complete positive or negative mindset is a special phenomenon. In real life, we come across with partial positive or negative mindset. A person may be positive at some situations or negative at some other situations. However, its effectiveness is normally misunderstood and misused. We make an effort to comprehend its nature, importance and significance for its better usage.


Suppose there is a glass. It is half full or empty with water. If we take a small survey and ask about the water situation in the glass, there would be two true answers:

· First, glass is half full with water,
· Second, glass is half empty with no water.

It is said that the group of persons mentioning it half full are optimist or have positive mindset; on the other hand, the other group is pessimist or have negative mindset. It is not right conclusion. Both statements are true or scientific. The positive or negative mindset is indicated when a person delivers a statement about or respond with some predictable exactness / exaggeration. A mindset refers to a framework of intentions, perceptions, and emotions held by a person so established that predetermines a person’s response to and interpretation of situations /persons.


We take a few real life situations to fully grasp the concept and the characteristics that make up a negative or positive mindset:

1. A person faces a new situation/person and takes it with doubts without any scientific basis; it is indication of negative mindset. The other examples of doubtful mindset are – doubt about personal strengths, expect failures, and doubt on ground realities. (Doubt)

2. A person faces a novel situation/person and loose mental stability and responds with volatile attitude; it is indication of negative mindset. The other examples of volatile mindset are – lethargic response, impatient behavior, whimsical decision making. (Volatility)

3. A person faces an unfavorable situation/person and loose self control and responds with anger; it is indication of negative mindset. The other examples of unjust mindset are – under or over estimations of abilities, excessive criticism on mistakes, and mild response on blunders. (Injustice)

4. A person faces a surprised situation/person and feels envy but responds with jealousy, it is indication of negative mindset. The other examples of jealous mindset are – happy response on someone’s miseries, sad feelings on someone’s success, & defamation of opponent. (Jealousy)

5. A person faces a disliked situation/person and responds proudly without any scientific basis, it is indication of negative mindset. The other examples of proud mindset are – perfectionist approach, slavery of habits, and dictatorial stance during decision making. (Proud)

6. A person faces an unexpected situation/person and considers it a threat without any scientific basis; it is indication of negative mindset. The other examples of fearful mindset are – fear of future, fear of criticism, and fear of failure. (Fearful)

7. A person faces a new situation/person and feels frustration and respond with grief sentiments; it is indication of negative mindset. The other examples of grief mindset are – overwhelmingly critical behavior, pessimism, and disbelief on real success. (Grief)

These examples indicated seven major negativity traps or vicious circles of mental framework that make up a negative mindset. The solution to avoid the vicious traps is to develop a mental framework with positive intentions, positive perceptions, and positive emotions.


Naturally human mind has two sides – left and right. The left side is logical, analytical, and critical. On the other hand, the right side is intuitive, creative and synthetic. The left side is problem seeker while the right side is problem solver. Both sides have their own importance and significance. In addition, we have two levels of mind – conscious and subconscious. The subconscious mind is filled with energy and power to accomplish multiple insurmountable tasks but is led by our conscious mind. Conscious mind makes selection from continuous stream of thoughts (negative & positive) and develop a working pattern or belief system for subconscious mind. It is a continuous process of selection and execution remain active in everyone’s life.

Unfortunately, negative thoughts have a tendency to flit into our conscious mind, involve left side of mind turning down the right side of the mind, do their damage and then flit back to continuous stream of thoughts; the significance of process is generally unnoticed. In addition, we hardly perceive them as negative thoughts; we do not challenge them properly so that they may reside in our mind and can distort our mental framework, now and then. Fortunately, the same process is with positive thoughts. They blink in our conscious mind, involve both sides of mind, without letting down any side of mind, do their constructive work and flew back to thought stream. It is hardly to notice them and to harness for permanent constructive activity. By noticing, captivating, maintaining, and protecting a positive thought, we can make them a permanent part of our mental framework for everlasting fruitful results.

Mindset is combination of intentions, perceptions and emotions. It has three powers for execution, i.e., will power, intellect power, and emotional power. These powers are essential ingredients of our mind. Equilibrium is necessary for the stability of mind pyramid; however, equilibrium may be wise or positive and unwise or negative.


We have learned the mind anatomy with negativity traps that make our life miserable and unhappy. We can move now towards positive mindset. To avoid negativity traps, self suggestion is considered the best technique for mindset development. The words and phrases of self-suggestion should be real, constructive, energetic and dynamic. By continuous repetition we can make a positive image of self. A person can make his own list; however, we mention a few quotes:

· Anything fruitful for humanity will must realize sooner or later,
· Any right effort with right intent and methods will must produce good results,
· There is no real/permanent threat only opportunities,
· Any misery has blessing in disguise,
· Success is not pursued, it is attracted,
· Gratitude brings benefits,
· Patience is best and fruitful strategy in difficulties, and
· Courtesy costs nothing but buys everything.

Any positive suggestion is reacted by negative suggestion. A war is started in mind about these self suggestions with negative suggestions. The process remains active until a belief is not finalized. A belief may be negative or false and positive or true. A negative belief about something/someone, e.g., life is aimless, no real relationship is possible, the hells are always the others,success is impossible, miseries are permanent, benefits are short-lived, and difficulties are long lasting. A negative belief produces or breeds new negative beliefs and a negative belief system is developed. A negative belief system plays havoc with an individual or system or society. A scientific / factual approach is strictly needed to avoid a negative belief system. There are two tested weapons for negative suggestions – Knowledge and Wisdom. Knowledge is a weapon used at conceptual level to counter negative suggestions/beliefs, while, the wisdom is applied at practical level. A suggestion based on knowledge and wisdom would be free from negativity traps. It is noteworthy that a rational person can make errors but not systematic errors. We learn from past errors / other’s errors and adjust our beliefs and actions accordingly.


We take an example from socio-economic life to establish and internalize the whole concept. It is three steps road map towards positive mindset – Thought Awareness, Rational Limitation, and Self Suggestions.

Step – I (Thought Awareness)

Suppose you are going for some presentation / negotiation. There are some typical negative thoughts you might experience about presentation / negotiation:

· Fear about the quality of performance, technical problems that may come up, and harsh criticism;
· Worry about the reaction of peers, general audience, and stakeholders;
· Doubt on real strengths / potential opportunities,
· Visualizing the negative consequences of a poor performance;
· Self-criticism over less than perfect preparation, rehearsal and practice,
· Frustration or Anger on certain real inadequacies or deficiencies.

These negative thoughts / negativity traps can damage confidence, harm performance, paralyze mental skills, and radiates negativity.

Step – II (Rational Limitations)

In rational limitation process you challenge the negative thoughts and counter them with rationality. Looking at some of the examples, the following challenges could be made to these common negative thoughts:

· Quality of performance: Have you gathered the information you need and prepared it properly for the event? Have you conducted a reasonable number of rehearsals, real or mental? If so, you’ve done as much as you can to give a good performance.

· Technical Problems and issues outside your control: The key to develop a rational limitation for successful presentation / negotiation on technical problems is to realize that you cannot control all relevant factors in your presentation / negotiation that may create a distraction. While you can control your own behavior or your organizational skills, you cannot control traffic jams, airline delays, power shutdown, computer network outrage, and communication problems due to damaged equipment. However, it is important to consider the possible risks and necessary steps to mitigate their effects.

· Fear about harsh criticism / Worry about other people’s reaction: If you perform the best you can, then you have given a good performance, fair people are likely to respond well. If people are not fair, then the best thing is to ignore them and rise above any unfair comments.

· Problems during practice: If some of your practices were less than perfect, then remind yourself that the purpose of practice is to identify problems so that they will not be repeated during the performance. Similarly, ask yourself whether it is reasonable to expect perfect performance. All that is important is effective/great performance not perfect.

Step – III (Self Suggestions)

By now, you would be more positive. The final step for effective positive mindset is to prepare self-suggestions to counter any remaining negativity. Continuing with the same example, some positive affirmations could be:

· Quality of performance: “I have prepared well and have rehearsed thoroughly. I am ready to give an excellent performance.”

· Problems of distraction and issues outside your control: “I have thought everything that might reasonably happen and have planned how I can handle all likely contingencies. I am well equipped to react flexibly to any surprised situation.”

· Worry about other people’s reaction: “Fair people will react reasonably to a well-prepared performance. I will rise above any unfair criticism in a mature and professional way.”


Usually, people have advocated positive thinking with a piece of exaggeration, as a solution to everything. It is also an indication of negative mindset in the garb of positive thinking. Positive thinking must be accompanied by actions such as planning, preparation and practice.

Secondly, positive thinking must demand positive associations. Positive associations lead to creativity, cooperation, solutions, and bigger dreams. It’s often said that the books you read and the people you associate will determine where you’ll be in next three to five years.

Honey Facials – An in Depth Analysis on What Works and What Doesn’t in Skin Tightening

Synthetic Drugs, Detection, Uses and Residue in Effluents

Considerable advances have been made over the past century understanding the chemical hazards in food and ways for assessing and managing these risks. In the 1920’s the increasing use of insecticides led to concerns of chronic ingestion of heavy metals such as lead and arsenic from residues remaining on crops. By the 1930’s, a variety of agrochemicals were commonly used and food additives were becoming common in processed foods. During the 1940’s and 1950’s scientific advances were made in toxicology and more systematic approaches were adopted for evaluating the safety of chemical contaminants in food. 

Modern gas chromatography and liquid chromatography  both invented in the 1950’s and 1960’s, were responsible for progress in detecting, quantifying, and assessing the risk of food contaminants and adulterants. In recent decades, chem. food safety issues that have been the center of media attention include the presence of agrochemicals., veterinary drug residues, natural toxins (e.g. mycotoxins and marine toxins), heat produced toxins (e.g. acrylamide, heterocyclic aromatic. amines and furan), heavy metals (e.g. lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium), and industrial chemicals  (e.g. benzene, perchlorate and melamine) in food and feed. Due to the global nature of the food supply and advances in analytical capabilities, chemical contaminants will continue to be an area of concern for regulatory agencies, the food industry and consumers in the future.

Reliable and practicable analysis of veterinary drug residues in food-producing animals represented an important measure to ensure consumer protection. The progress of rapid screening methods and the use of accurate liquid chromatography.-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS-MS) for the quant. detection of corticosteroids used as analytical methods for corticosteroids-residue detection.

Different veterinary drug residues (macrolides, tetracyclines, quinolones, and sulfonamides) in honey were detected. The separation and determination was carried out by ultra performance liquid. Chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry (UPLC-MS/MS), using an electrospay ionization source (ESI) in pos. mode. HPLC method was used for determination. of 10 sulfonamide drug residues in animal liver, including sulfaguanidine monohydrate, sulfadiazine, sulfadimidine, sulfamethoxypyridazine, sulfamonomethoxine, sulfamethoxydiazine, sulfachloropyridazine, sulfamethoxazole, sulfadimoxinum, sulfaquinoxaline

A study tested a sewage epidemiology approach, using levels of excreted drug residues in waste water, to monitor collective use of the major drugs of abuse in near real time. Selected drug target residues derived from use of cocaine, opiates, cannabis, and amphetamines were measured by mass spectrometry in wastewater collected at major sewage treatment plants in Milan (Italy), Lugano (Switzerland), and London (United Kingdom).

An Analysis of the Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress is the most popular type of mattress and is available in all sizes. The ability of this mattress to regain its shape after the weight is lifted off makes it more durable than most other forms of mattresses especially the spring mattress. This mattress comes with many advantages, disadvantages and other things. Here is a small attempt to compile all the information regarding this type of mattress.


· Memory foam mattresses are made of polyurethane memory foam that is wrapped in a cotton fabric. The mattress may be made with layers of memory foam only or in combination with others like spring coils, latex etc.

· There are varieties like gel infused, latex foam etc available in addition to the plain memory foam.

· This mattress reacts to the body heat and it is this heat that makes the foam flexible and shape to the body. It can cradle the body for as long as it is there and when the weight is lofted off, it can regain its shape to make a flat surface.

· This mattresses are the most sorted after for back pain problems due to its body contouring ability.

· These mattresses are fire retardants.

· This mattress is available in many thickness and the thin ones are also used as mattress toppers.

· It has a lifespan of 7-8 years as per recommendations.

Problems with the mattress

· This mattresses are known for the off gassing. The mattress emits numerous volatile chemicals into the air poses the biggest threat. It is suggested to air the mattress before it is taken inside the home for usage. Some this have a removale cover over it. In that case unzip the cover and expose the memory foam to let out all the chemicals to dissipate before it is slowed to use.

· It is made with natural ingredients tend to lesser off gassing than others. Synthetic memory foam is more of the problem especially because of their fire proofing. The fire proofing is done with chemical treatments.

· It does not have edge support which is another problem. Only a few mattresses come with the proper edge support.

Health problems associated with the mattress

The off gassing from the mattress may cause health problems such as asthma, eye irritation, nausea, nose and throat problems etc. Because of this health issues, the memory foam mattress is not a recommended mattress for children. The problem with heat emission is another problem. This retains the body heat and makes it hotter than necessary.