More Synthetic Grass Concerns Have Been Answered

There has been numerous concerns raised over the possible negative effects that synthetic grass fields have on their surrounding environment. Air quality, water quality and temperature have all been claimed to be adversely affected by the presence of synthetic turf fields.

A recent year long study conducted by an environmental science firm by the name of Milone and MacBroom has come to the unequivocal conclusion that there is “no concern with regards to the safety of synthetic turf fields”.

To come to this conclusion there was testing done on the storm-water run-off from three different fields for a year with analysis done on the concentration of metals to determine whether aquatic life would be at risk. They found that there was no increase in the pollutant levels.

Similarly, air samples were collected around synthetic turf fields to determine whether toxic gases were emitted. The testing has shown that no pollutant was detected at four feet above the paying surface.

One of the criticisms that is often heard about artificial grass fields is that the temperature is considerably higher than natural grass. It has been found that the synthetic grass blades do heat up but they cool rapidly when the sunlight is interrupted or when water is applied.

This latest study indicates that improvements in technology for artificial grass is rendering many of the opposing arguments no longer valid. So when it comes to trying to decide whether to switch from natural grass to synthetic grass, those making the buying decision should be even more confident that what they are buying is environmentally and socially safe.

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