Best Moisturizer For Very Dry Skin – An In Depth Analysis on What Works and What Doesn’t

Millions of people suffer from dry skin throughout the world. The widespread use of synthetic chemicals in skincare products aggravates this problem of dry skin. In this article, find out the best moisturizer oils that you should look for in the best moisturizer for very dry skin.

An essential component that is also a prerequisite for the best moisturizer oil is that it should be a quickly absorbed by the skin. This is unlike mineral oils that moisturize the skin, but also clog the skin pores and leave the skin suffocating for fresh oxygen.

You would be shocked to know, but it is a reality that mineral oils are used in a majority of well known and the most popular moisturizer brands available in the market. They cause a host of skin problems such as acne eruptions, allergies, irritation and rashes!

You should avoid such kind of harmful chemical substances in your moisturizers. They are not meant for use on skin at all. Instead of that, look for effective and scientifically proven natural ingredients that nourish the skin and moisturize it deeply.

Some of the best moisturizer oils that have proven their exceptional capabilities in skin rejuvenation are avocado oil and macadamia oil. Look out for these in the best moisturizer for very dry skin —

1) Avocado oil — it is well known for its deep moisturizing and healing properties. It is rich in vitamins E, A and D and also contains lots of beta carotene, potassium and lecithin.

It has many amazing properties that make it one of the best moisturizer oils. It enhances the level of collagen protein in the skin. Collagen is the proteins responsible for keeping our skin firm, pliant, flexible and elastic. We suffer from wrinkles and fine lines in old age due to the deficiency of collagen.

Avocado oil is rich in sterolins (natural vegetable compounds), which help in reducing age spots and soften and moisturize very dry skin.

2) Macadamia oil — it also can be called as one of the best moisturizer oils for very dry skin. It preserves the essential oils of the skin and replaces the oils that the skin loses throughout the day.

It is rich in palmitoleic acid. It revitalizes the skin with essential nutrients and makes the skin supple, smooth and naturally glowing.

Some other natural ingredients that are used in the best moisturizer for very dry skin are —

Active Manuka honey — it is sourced from the Manuka bushes in New Zealand. It has a high UMF (unique Manuka factor). It is rich in enzymes and nutrients that revitalize the skin and make it smooth, soft and healthy.

It is well known for its antibacterial, antioxidant and healing properties. It works very well to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It prevents premature aging of skin and also reverses aging signs that have already occurred.

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