An Analysis of the Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress is the most popular type of mattress and is available in all sizes. The ability of this mattress to regain its shape after the weight is lifted off makes it more durable than most other forms of mattresses especially the spring mattress. This mattress comes with many advantages, disadvantages and other things. Here is a small attempt to compile all the information regarding this type of mattress.


· Memory foam mattresses are made of polyurethane memory foam that is wrapped in a cotton fabric. The mattress may be made with layers of memory foam only or in combination with others like spring coils, latex etc.

· There are varieties like gel infused, latex foam etc available in addition to the plain memory foam.

· This mattress reacts to the body heat and it is this heat that makes the foam flexible and shape to the body. It can cradle the body for as long as it is there and when the weight is lofted off, it can regain its shape to make a flat surface.

· This mattresses are the most sorted after for back pain problems due to its body contouring ability.

· These mattresses are fire retardants.

· This mattress is available in many thickness and the thin ones are also used as mattress toppers.

· It has a lifespan of 7-8 years as per recommendations.

Problems with the mattress

· This mattresses are known for the off gassing. The mattress emits numerous volatile chemicals into the air poses the biggest threat. It is suggested to air the mattress before it is taken inside the home for usage. Some this have a removale cover over it. In that case unzip the cover and expose the memory foam to let out all the chemicals to dissipate before it is slowed to use.

· It is made with natural ingredients tend to lesser off gassing than others. Synthetic memory foam is more of the problem especially because of their fire proofing. The fire proofing is done with chemical treatments.

· It does not have edge support which is another problem. Only a few mattresses come with the proper edge support.

Health problems associated with the mattress

The off gassing from the mattress may cause health problems such as asthma, eye irritation, nausea, nose and throat problems etc. Because of this health issues, the memory foam mattress is not a recommended mattress for children. The problem with heat emission is another problem. This retains the body heat and makes it hotter than necessary.

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